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November 19th

6:30-8:00am — VU Men's Bible Study

7:30-9:00am — Trustees

8:30-3:00pm — PW Mission Sewing

9:00-3:00pm — Preschool In Session

9:30-11:30am — MOPS Fall Meeting

9:30-11:30am — PW Board

9:30-11:30am — VU Sewing Circle

10:00-12:00pm — VU Boomerangs

11:45-1:00pm — PW Mission Sewing Lunch

1:00-2:30pm — VU Mail Merge

1:30-2:30pm — Worship Planning

3:30-6:00pm — Girl Scout Troop 771

4:00-5:30pm — Endowment Trust Board

4:00-5:30pm — Youth Lofternoons

4:00-7:00pm — Te Deum Board

5:30-7:00pm — DRMP Board

5:30-7:00pm — Main Meeting

5:45-6:45pm — Corinth Daisy Troop 2729

6:00-8:00pm — Girl Scout Troop 1137

6:30-8:00pm — VU Mail Merge