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July 19th

8:00-3:30pm — CBK Summer Camp

8:00-9:00pm — Room Use CFM

9:00-10:00am — Hay Family

9:00-12:00pm — Vacation Bible School

9:30-10:30am — VU Adult Exercise Cardio

10:00-11:00am — Hay Memorial Service

10:00-1:00pm — Hay Reception

10:00-3:00pm — CBK Summer Camp

10:00-3:00pm — CBK Summer Camp

11:30-12:15pm — VBS Program

12:00-2:00pm — Room Hold VBS Set Up

12:00-9:00pm — Room Hold PAC Linda

1:00-4:00pm — Bridge Group # 1

3:00-5:00pm — Wedding Consultation

6:00-8:00pm — Priest Piano Rehearsal