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October 21st

8:00-9:30am — Stewardship Meeting

9:00-11:30am — Snack With Stacy

9:00-3:00pm — Preschool In Session

9:30-10:30am — VU Adult Exercise Cardio

9:30-11:30am — Bible Study

10:00-12:00pm — VU Path With Heart

10:30-11:30am — Beginning Spanish

1:30-2:00pm — Staff Devotions

4:00-5:30pm — Recovery, Inc

4:00-6:30pm — PW Nominating Committee

5:30-8:00pm — Immigration Training

6:00-8:00pm — Mission Committee

6:30-7:30pm — Cub Pack 3291 Den 10

7:00-9:00pm — P C & C Committee